Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:49:08 -0500
From: Glynn Wolar 
To: Craig Giffen
Subject: Pacific Crest Trailway

Craig:  Thanks for the website, re: PCTrailway.  About one year ago, I
informed the folks on this email discussion list that I had written the
sole scholarly treatment of the PCT as a history doctoral dissertation
(University of Idaho - Thesis SB482.W47 W65 1998 - 2 pts.).  It is
available through interlibrary loan or through purchase via UMI.  The
dissertation actually involves the entire notion of 20th century trails
and wilderness in the American West, and the chapter on the PCT is one
of the largest in the research monograph.  Within that PCT chapter you
will find material regarding Clarke's PCTrailway.

     "The Conceptualization and Development of Pedestrian Recreational
Wilderness Trails in the American West, 1890-1940: A Landscape History"
      - by Dr. Glynn G. Wolar
     Dr. Glynn G. Wolar
     (email removed - cg)